Meet The Doctor

“I have full use of my teeth when I bite & chew. I would definitely recommend treatment. Although it is pricey, I don’t think you are paying too much considering the benefit you receive.”----C.M. Boone

 “I am not in pain anymore. The implant Dr. West placed has prevented my teeth from moving out of place. Dr. West is very professional, caring, and fun. I just love him.”------M. Penalvert

 “No more tooth problems, better appearance in not too many visits. The treatment was costly, but I wish I had done it many years before. Dr. West has a wonderful chair-side manner, makes a person feel relaxed and secure. His staff is great, very patient and answered all my questions ”------D. Kaliszewski

 “Dental Implants are well worth the cost and wait!!! It is not a quick process, but the results are well worth waiting for!”------M. Davis

 “Dr. West is very good; personable, not in a hurry and makes one feel as if he really cares!”----W. Champagne

“Dr. West is most professional with a good demeanor. His work is completely satisfactory. I would advise others to consider implants as opposed to dentures and bridgework.”-----D. Carlson

 “I endorse Dr. West. I consider the investment well worth the while. I now plan on keeping my own teeth until I pass from this earth. He and his staff are great to deal with, making it a pleasure to visit this office.”----S. Bath

 “It is quite an investment, but it is well worth it because I like the idea of still having my teeth as I age. Dr. West is one of the most enthusiastic professionals I have ever known. He truly loves what he does. I would highly recommend him.”----M. Nordt

 “Dr. West was very good about explaining all that was involved. He’s very patient and puts you at ease.”----M. Jew

 “I am very pleased with my procedure, I finally can eat everything and smile. Dr. West is very attentive to his patients and also has a wonderful staff.” ---L. Pringle

“I would tell other who are considering treatment that if they want a painless, excellent dental experience, Dr. West is the person to see. Further I appreciate the amount of time he takes to explain what is being done and why. The benefits of having my own teeth preserved and the very best implants vs. bridgework or dentures cannot be compared to a less costly procedure. I feel I have my own teeth.”---P. King

 “Dr. West is a kind, competent, professional doctor”-----S. Bady

“Dr. West is the best periodontal doctor that has attended to us. The benefits surpass the financial investment.”-----Carlos & Maria B. 

“I would recommend Dr. West to others. Besides doing good periodontal work, he has a good bedside manner. He is consistent with good follow up after the procedure, and all of the staff are professional, respectful and friendly. Dr. West also takes time to explain the procedure and offer options, including pros and cons. (He provides me with the information I need to make good decisions.)---C. Bennett

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